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Water Removal & Restoration in El Paso, TX

Milliken Construction is one of the leading water damage and water restoration companies in El Paso, Texas serving all of Texas and the New Mexico region. Our qualified and skilled team of professionals is committed to helping residential and commercial property owners recover from a flood, burst plumbing, or several other disasters.

We have more than 50 years of experience providing water damage and water restoration services across Texas and New Mexico. Our experienced team of water damage restoration and repair professionals uses the latest equipment, resources, and methods to get your job done efficiently in the minimum time possible.

Milliken Construction’s Services Can Help Restore Your Home or Business After Any Water Damage

Time is of the essence in case of any water damage to your property, since it can be highly destructive to the structural components of your floors, walls, and the entire building. Milliken Construction knows how water damage impacts the various surfaces of your residential or commercial property. That’s why we work efficiently to ensure that no water damage is done and make the repair process much more efficient.

Milliken Construction can help clean and restore homes and commercial properties from any water damage. While each situation may vary, some common sources of water damage are:

  • Flooding
  • Storm Damage
  • Hurricane Damage
  • Dryers, Refrigerators or Leaking Toilets
  • Broken Pipes
  • Sewage Issues

What To Do in the Case of Water Damage at Your Home or Business

Milliken Construction can help you prevent water damage, but not all disasters can be avoided. Moreover, not all water damage is immediately visible. Water damage may be obvious during a flood or if the main pipe bursts, but minimal water damage may be worsening under your floors or behind walls without you knowing it.

Therefore, it is essential to regularly get your walls, floors, and ceilings checked for signs of water damage from a professional water damage and water restoration company. No matter how complex or small the job, Milliken Construction can visit your property to help you investigate and fix the problem.

Even small leaks can transform into larger problems, possibly leading to costly repairs and restorations in the future. Prompt measures following a leak can significantly reduce the amount of water damage to your house or business premises.

How Milliken Construction Can Help

Milliken Construction has been helping home and business owners with water damage cleanup and water restoration for many years. Our professionals are ready, 24/7 to handle any water damage emergency that comes their way. After receiving your call, we can be at your home or business within the shortest time possible.

A quick response is really imperative because prompt attention considerably saves costs and potential damage to your property.

We use the most advanced and latest water damage and water restoration techniques, and up-to-date water remediation tools to help protect your possessions and minimize structural damage to your premises.

Our friendly and courteous team pays full attention to quality and details, so you can rest assured when you assign your water damage restoration task to us. Our quality and fast service will help you get back to your routine in no time.

Contact Milliken Construction of El Paso, TX Today for Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage due to a water leak or a natural disaster can be a stressful event for many home and business owners. But Milliken Construction is here to help. We can thoroughly eradicate moisture from your home or business, while safely protecting all of your belongings.

The sooner we can get in and extract the water, and incorporate strategies for restoring water damage, the less damage there will be.

Simply knowing the contact information of a trusted, professional water damage restoration company such as Milliken Construction can be useful in the event of an emergency.

Water damage and water restoration are best left to professionals, as there are many aspects of a home or building that may be damaged, yet they may not be visible. Professionals know what to look for and have specific tools to test the safety and security of the building.

Milliken Construction has technologically advanced equipment to ensure rapid water removal. After removing the water, our water damage restoration team will help you clean, rebuild, and restore your property while ensuring that your belongings and your property are safe.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

  • Stop the leak (if possible)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of both the structure & belongings
  • Water extraction & removal
  • Reconstruction, restoration & repairs
  • Drying & humidification

No matter what the size of your El Paso, TX area residential or commercial project, Milliken Construction is proud to help. We provide expert bathroom repair, kitchen repair, and more! Contact us online or call us at 915-642-0549, for the premium water damage and water restoration services in Texas and New Mexico!