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Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom can feel like an intimidating task until you find the right team for the job. Whether you want to replace a few of your bathroom’s old fixtures to update and modernize the space or redesign a small bathroom to make it more functional, Milliken Construction & Restoration is your trusted team of El Paso contractors for bathroom remodeling. 

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Bathroom Flooring

Installing new flooring can immediately make a bathroom feel more fresh, open, and inviting. Whether you just want to replace damaged flooring or completely transform your space, we will help you choose the right flooring and design to complement both the space and your personal style. 

Bathroom Cabinetry & Countertops

If you want to add counter space in order to have more room to get ready or maximize your organization with new cabinetry, Milliken Construction & Restoration has you covered. A more organized space is a more functional space, and personalized options will mean your bathroom is designed with your everyday needs in mind. 

Bathroom Fixtures

Replacing outdated fixtures can instantly improve the look of your bathroom. Or perhaps you want to upgrade to a large soaking tub or curbless shower or add towel bars and other fixtures. Whatever you need to make your bathroom more relaxing and pleasant, we can help make it happen. 

Additional Bathrooms

If you need another bathroom to accommodate everyone’s busy morning routines, for a growing family, or to host more guests with ease, Milliken Construction & Restoration has the experience to make it a reality. We can turn even the tiniest of spaces into functional and practically designed bathrooms. 

Small Bathroom Remodeling 

A small bathroom can feel cramped and chaotic until Milliken Construction & Restoration completes a bathroom remodel for you. We can optimize minimal spaces to give you a personalized bathroom that meets your needs and style. Changing the flow of a room and updating your fixtures can make a remarkable difference by making it a space that feels more spacious and modern. 

Luxury Bathroom Design

If you have a vision for a luxurious bathroom, we have the experience to make it a reality. Our expert team will help you design a bathroom space that will become your personal oasis. We can help you choose premium features to instantly transform the style and aesthetics of your bathroom, so you feel immediately relaxed and peaceful in every square inch of your new bathroom. 

Client-Centered Bathroom Design 

Milliken Construction & Restoration has decades of experience turning homes around for communities in El Paso and beyond. Our team is prepared to provide you with a bathroom remodel or a brand new bathroom that is customized, functional, and suited to your personal tastes. Your vision for your space will come to life with our dedicated team. We will listen to your needs and wants and will help you design a bathroom that checks all the boxes.  

The Most Affordable and Best Quality Bathroom Remodeling in El Paso

From new flooring and updated cabinets, to complete bathroom remodels, Milliken Construction & Restoration is your trusted, reliable team of professionals for all of your bathroom remodeling needs. We are locally owned and operated, and are proud of our long history of providing quality service to the El Paso region. All of our team members are qualified, licensed, and insured, and we use state-of-the-art equipment and tools. You can rest assured that our skilled team will not only do the job, but we will do it right. Contact us today to discuss all of your bathroom remodeling needs. Your dream bathroom is only a phone call away!

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