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Quality Home Repair & Home Restoration Services in Southern New Mexico & El Paso Texas

Milliken Construction & Restoration has been the premier fire and water restoration and remodeling contractor in the El Paso and Southern New Mexico region for the past sixty-plus years. Many of the leading home insurance companies prefer Milliken due to our long-standing performance and good relationships with insurers.

When you have an unfortunate loss or damage to your home due to fire, water, or wind we can help you return your home to a place of comfort and happiness At Milliken Construction, we understand the personal and emotional trauma a family or business owner suffers as a result.


A fire can be one of the most traumatic disaster occurrences that property owners face. Our years of our experience will allow us to move quickly to assess and document the damage, working directly with your insurance company.

It is necessary to determine if it is safe to remove recoverable items, once the insurance company authorizes restoration we can safely demo the fully damaged elements and take steps to remove the burnt materials and the odor.

We will work with you to design a new part of your home and begin the reconstruction as soon as the plans are approved and the necessary permits are issued.


The damage that can come from natural events such as high winds, severe storms or man-made (such as vehicle damage) require care and understanding of the extent of the damage and how to properly repair it ensuring the property is restored to its previous pristine condition.


Water damage is a major disaster that many property and business owners face. Whether caused by a leaky roof, broken pipes, flood, sewage backup, or a natural disaster, the result is usually costly repairs. To prevent the growth of destructive mold and mildew it is important that you act immediately. Our experience allows us to secure insurance company restoration authorization, remove water and not recoverable materials and begin the restoration process.

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