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Interior Restoration & Repair in El Paso, TX

When you first build or buy your home, there are some features and finishing touches that you just don’t want to compromise on. The list can include the floors, walls, storage units, and windows, just to mention a few. It depends on your style and aesthetics and we all want to maintain their quality for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, when disasters strike, it leaves your beautiful floors or windows or cabinets ruined and unrecognizable. For instance, flooding can damage hardwood floors almost permanently, fire can burn wood fittings, turning them into charcoal-like material, and wind can break windows.

The good news is that, in the case of such scenarios, you can always rely on Milliken Construction & Water Restoration. With over sixty years of experience in home interior water damage restoration in El Paso and Southern New Mexico, we are the answer you’re looking for. 

We are always ready to come and help to ease the burden of trauma from water, fire, or wind damage by restoring your home to its original state. 

General Home Restorations

Milliken Construction & Water Restoration offers home restoration services in almost any part of your home, including:

  • Walls
  • Cabinetry
  • Floors
  • Paintwork


When water leaks into walls it ruins the drywall, and insulation, and may even interfere with the electrical connections. To solve this, we perform home interior water damage restoration and reconstruct the wall back to its original state and texture. We can also install new insulation or upgraded materials. 


Cabinets are an excellent accessory to your house that help to keep things neat and display art or beautiful items. At Milliken Construction & Water Restoration, we intend to keep it that way by sourcing new cabinets, backsplashes, countertops, knobs, edges, slides, and other hardware so that your kitchen gets back its beauty and functionality.


We remove and restore any type of floor from tile, hardwood, carpet, vinyl, to laminate that has suffered water damage. For hardwood floors, we recommend lowering the floor and then sanding and refinishing it. When it comes to carpets, we can replace the pad and re-stretch it, which is a more affordable option than replacing it wall to wall.


The final stages of our home interior water damage restoration process involve masking the damaged areas and giving the house a fresh coat of paint. You can choose to keep the original paint color for your walls, doors, and cabinets or change it.

Interior Water Damage Repair Services

Water damage is costly and can be a result of broken underground pipes, leaking roofs, storms, and flooding, or sewage backup. 

No matter the cause, our team can handle home interior water damage restoration caused by any of these circumstances. We do so by securing authorization from an insurance company, removing the water and damaged materials, then we restore the affected parts of the property to their original state. 

Convenient and Quick Emergency Response

Thanks to the many years of experience in home interior water damage restoration, our process is quick and convenient for you. 

We investigate and document the level of water damage on your premises as we work directly and concurrently with your insurance company. As a result, we start the restoration process soon after the insurance company authorizes our restoration plan.

Fast Drying and Disinfection Services

To start the home interior water damage restoration process, we completely dry the premises by extracting the water and moisture from the affected areas. Our special drying and dehumidification tools are excellent at drying all the water content. 

Additionally, we address any molding and fungus infestation that may be present. These two steps are important to ensure that we are working on a clean slate. Subsequently, the restoration work that follows will last you a lifetime without any reoccurring issues such as cold, mold, or bad smells.

Interior Home Restoration in El Paso

Disasters and catastrophes can happen at any time and destabilize your home and family. That’s why we are always ready to provide 24-hour home interior water damage repair and restoration services in El Paso, Texas, and the New Mexico area.

Not only are our staff licensed and insured, but we also use the most modern technology and equipment. Whether you are looking for a complete home interior restoration or just a piece of it, Milliken Construction & Water Restoration is here to help! Call us today!