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Home & Interior Remodeling Contractors In El Paso TX

Home Interior Remodel

Once you live in a home for over a decade, emerging styles can make your property outdated. What’s more, a home deteriorates over time due to natural wear and tear or sometimes damage caused by disasters such as harsh weather conditions.

A home interior remodel freshens up parts of the home including the living room, walls, kitchen, floors, bathroom, or ceiling. As a result, you’ll upscale the home’s  aesthetic and market value

The success of a home interior remodels project depends on the ability to land a credible and licensed contractor. Fortunately, our El Paso and Southern New Mexico teams can perfectly handle your interior remodel.

Why Do You Need Home Interior Remodel?

Maybe your Pinterest board is full of incredible interior designs and makeovers, which means you’d love to transform your living space. Our core focus is to make your dreams a reality by conducting an exceptional remodeling project.

Here’s how a home interior remodel project will benefit you.

  • Increase the value of your property: Interior remodeling involves upgrading the home’s most vital rooms and features such as the bathrooms and kitchen. As a result, we modernize the house and increase its market value.
  • A source of pride: It irks us a bit when the paint starts to chip or as the kitchen ages or when the light fixtures begin to fail.  For sure that is your home’s outcry for a home interior remodeling. The results will transform the space and restore a source of pride whenever your friends and family visit.
  • Increase space: If your growing family is in dire need of more room yet there’s no budget to move into a bigger house, then an interior home remodel is your next bet. You can do it all—from knocking down walls to converting basements or lofts into livable spaces.
  • An opportunity to save energy: Home interior remodeling sometimes involves replacing old appliances with new ones. So, as you remodel your wall or kitchen, it’s time to change bulbs, ovens, and air conditioners with energy-efficient alternatives.

Who Needs A Home Interior Remodel?

Home interior remodeling is a crucial maintenance practice conducted by homeowners, landlords, or property managers.

Here’s how to tell when you need a home interior remodel.

  • When the home feels out of style
  • When paint, cabinets, and carpet become worn-out
  • The floor starts to detach
  • The living space or kitchen becomes overcrowded

At Milliken Construction & Water Restoration, we can assess the state of your interior space and recommend an incredible interior remodel.

Why Choose Milliken Construction & Water Restoration

At Milliken Construction & Water Restoration, we have been in the restoration and remodeling industry since 1949. Besides the vast experience, we’re a licensed and insured firm with state-of-the-art tools and equipment which power us to offer exemplary service.

That said, we’re the leading home interior remodel firm in El Paso and Southern New Mexico. 

Here are a few satisfied customers who reviewed us on Google.

 ” A great construction company with a lot of experience. They have done it all, and they are happy to advise. Everyone is really communicative and helpful. They are the best!”  – Sandanee Walraven

”Bryan, Josh, and really the whole team is great! They are timely, professional, dependable, and communicative! They are also just the nicest guys — they make a stressful situation less stressful, that’s for sure!” – Audrell Bell

What to Expect From the Service

We’re driven by the passion for transforming living spaces and bringing brilliant interior ideas to life. You can request our service if you’re looking to do:

  • Custom designs
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Interior makeovers
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Basement makeovers

First, you’ll speak with a licensed contractor to perfect your remodeling plan. We’ll then present to you a proposed design. Once you approve it, we’ll start with the groundwork, make proposed changes, and deliver within agreed timelines.

Ultimately, we’ll leave you with a picture-perfect space.

Try The Best Interior Remodel Service in El Paso and Southern New Mexico

An interior remodel transforms key aspects of the home e.g. bathroom, kitchen, interior, or floor. A timely remodel keeps the home stylish and preserves its value. To that end, you need an interior remodeling expert like Milliken Construction and Water Restoration to breathe life into your home. Contact us today for an estimate.

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